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Welcome to the Rebuttal to Evidence page!

This is valuable work being produced-not because there is anything special about me-butdue to the nature of the material and information presented. My perspective has changed significantly since learning of the amazing works composed by Wilhelm Kammeier, and taking a much closer look at the NT narrative. Does it make sense? That is just one of many questions this work will explore from a perspective really not found anywhere else. 

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How you can read Rebuttal to Evidence

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Published Material

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Part 1

This section is the prologue to the work and provides some general information about why I chose to write on the topic of apologetics and to critique Josh MacDowell's famous book, Evidence That Demands a Verdict.


Part 2

This section will discuss why this book is not meant to be an attack on Christians. Many are my own kin and I love them very much. This work is a critique on a system which has never properly been analyzed before.


Part 3

This section will discuss information about the author of Evidence That Demands a Verdict as it is extremely important to determine if his motives for writing his book are genuine, honest, and trustworthy.

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