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The Remnant of YshRAL: White Slaves

This is one of the most difficult series I have wrote about. It concerns those of my own people. Sadly, it has become so abhorrent to the current ruling power via the media, that to even reference the reality of various poor White tribes who were, not only enslaved, but who made up the bulk of all slaves and treated worse than any other people in history, creates triggered outrage in the fragile minds of the sheeple. All the more reason to continue to document this reality for our precious posterity. They deserve to know the truth and so does all people. I encourage everyone who reads this, to not react in the way the media has groomed you to act. Look at the facts and discern with a clear and rational mind. For to share the horrors of the past, will show us who we are and where we are going, and that is the problem today-no one knows who they are and so they are unbelievably confused. To know one's past is the most important thing our ancestors can give us today.