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Unlearning Falsehoods We Have Inherited is Where Anyone Can Start

This site is dedicated to sharing and perpetuating the truth regarding the people of focus in the Law & Prophets. This kind people called ADM were sculped and chosen to give the world righteous order and the best kind of civilization to the world. These people, my people, are the stuff history is made of. and a specific tribe among this kind, was called YshRAL. The Old Testament was written with a very specific mindset regarding a very unique people He named YshRAL. These people would be the Father's inheritance-the apple of His eye. Those whom I suspect to be my tribe, YshRAL and specifically YEuDE (or Deutsch), the Germanic Celtic Nordic peoples, have blessed the world, so much so that it could never be calculated. Unfortunately, the poor state of the world is also of our doing because we have turned away from the Father and his perfect law. Our enemies are the very tribes which also came from ADM. They oppress us using all manner of arsenals including weaponizing the non-Adamic people of the earth, because we have rebelled against the Father. This will continue until we as a nation, repent and turn back the One True Father, YEuE.  For my people, known today as Irish and German, have experienced such suffering unknown to any other tribe on earth. Haven't we suffered enough perpetual slavery, being the target of mass genocide, and utterly ignorant of truth? I implore my people as well as every other tribe to seek His face. 

My Family Surname

From Genesis 1:4, the AUR in the original characters of what we call the Old Testament (OBRY) possibly means ‘light.’ Jon Machtemes, who has discovered that the OT was actually written in OBRY, has ascertained that the M denotes frequency which when looking at this glyph, is quite plausible. The suffix -ER at the end of my surname could very well mean ‘someone/something which does.’ So, the German surname Maurer could very well mean ‘light maker/giver’ based on the internal meaning of the language itself! Incredible! Consistency is truly the key in old languages (and intentional and most emphatically void of and removed from in modern ones). The more OBRY is studied, the more it is proving to be acutely consistent. Ambiguity (or vagueness) forced upon all modern languages, particularly that of English and ad-hoc Hebrew, only serves those who wish to hide or change the languages. Abstract thoughts and concepts are also not consistent with what we see in nature, in YEUE's  law, or in any other aspect concerning Him.

I have linked Jon's site on this page for those who are interested in learning more about the original language our Volk once knew.

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