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This site is dedicated to sharing and perpetuating the truth regarding the people of focus in the Old Testament. This kind or race of people were sculped and chosen to give the world righteous order and civilization to the world. These people, my people, are the stuff history is made of. They are none other than the Aryan races. The Old Testament was written with a very specific mindset and followed the Adamic kind and then later a very peculiar people He named Yshral. These people would be the Father's inheritance-the apple of His eye. My tribe, Yshral and Yeuda, or the Germanic Celtic Nordic peoples, which have blessed the world so much so that it could never be calculated. Unfortunately, the poor state of the world is of our doing because we have turned away from the Father and his perfect law. Our enemies are the very tribes which also came from Adam. They oppress us because we have rebelled against the Father. This will continue until we as a nation repent. 

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. I wish to share what I have learned about scripture and about our incredible, yet stiff-necked tribe. Much of what was once understood about the many races of the world, has been intentionally hidden to destroy Yshral specifically because of the covenants made with us. We are to give people moral righteous living and to cultivate knowledge, intelligence, ingenuity, understanding, true peace, and a love for Yeue and His creation. It's time to repent and turn to the Father so that we can relearn all that was taken from us due to our rebellion. To take back our inheritance in the land out our forefathers; to take up our birthright and take up the responsibility given to our tribe by Yeue our Creator and Father. We cannot continue in lawlessness, or we deserve to be ruled over by our Adamic enemies-which use non-Adamic Asiatics, Jews, and Negroids as jackals to consume and feed off of us.  White Adamic moral heritage is the scripture. It is our history. It is not the history of Arabs in the Middle East. It is not for any other people than the Adamics. We, especially the Nordic Germanic Celtic peoples are Yshral and we must stop capitulating to this monstrosity that is the fourth beast system! Come out of her my people!